Pass the vibes: nico segal and nate fox on their new album “intellexual”

Intellexual expands with each listen…Lyrics take on additional meaning, and new layers of instrumentation reveal themselves like radio signals breaking through static. It’s complex enough for your best headphones, and direct enough to soundtrack passing cars this summer.



Hear Nico Segal and Nate Fox’s debut single as Intellexual

Last Week, The Social Experiment’s Nico Segal and Nate Fox announced on Reddit that they’ve formed a new project by the name of Intellexual. Today they’ve shared its first tack, a mellowed out cut that affirms the project’s intellext.



The Social Experiment’s Nico Segal & Nate Fox Talk Intellexual, Their Great New Album Out Today

Joyously communal…The record is a bit like a jewel that reflects light differently depending on the angle you approach it from. It’s folk, hip-hop, dance, soul, jazz, chamber-pop, and any number of other styles all at once.



Nico Segal & Nate Fox's Intellexual Project Drops Eponymous Debut Album

Created with what the pair calls a “classic singer-songwriter approach,” Segal and Fox wrote from scratch with a piano or guitar bass before fleshing out the idea in the studio. Production experience plays a huge role in Intellexual as it showcases the band’s masterful fusion of hip-hop, soul, folk, R&B and indie pop.



Nico Segal & Nate Fox Want You to Feel 'Intellexual' After Hearing Their Debut Album

Under the moniker Intellexual, the two-piece is sharing its debut, self-titled album, which is out today (April 12). And though there is a star-studded list of features that include Vic Mensa and Raury, Segal and Fox are letting their voices be heard front and center for the first time.



The Social Experiment’s Nico Segal and Nate Fox Announce New Album as Intellexual

Intellexual features lead vocals from Fox and Segal, as well as contributions from Esperanza Spalding, Vic Mensa, Francis Farewell Starlite, Raury, DJ Spinn, Nico Segal’s father Craig, and more.